Sunday, October 21, 2012


Sorry, Mitt.  We just can't seem to keep ourselves from showing up your inane pronouncements.  We're such troublesome debunkers of your stereotypes.

Here I am, at 78, With a carpet repair job booked for Friday afternoon and a wedding ceremony for Saturday.  Maybe another call will come in for earlier in the week.  And, I'm working Aflac as well.  Have to get busy tomorrow making the monthly checkup on active accounts.  I'm so lazy and dependent, you know.  I just can't bring myself to take any responsibility for my own welfare. 

On top of that, can't seem to keep myself off this internet and feel compeled to voice my opinions on so much nonsense and drivel that you and others feel compelled to spout.

Then, there's my little wife, Phyllis.  She's been tossing around ideas for doing something productive as well -- at the ripe young age of 76.  Just this past week, an opportunity dropped in her lap.

For many years, she taught defensive driving classes here in the state of Arizona, evenings and weekends while holding down a regular career job during the day.  She was very good because she set up the state program when she worked for the Arizona Supreme Court and knew it and Arizona traffic laws backward and forward.  I used to go with her and do the paperwork.

Seems the state of Arizona is in deep need of qualified class monitors to go around to defensive driving classes periodically and check up on schools and individual teachers, so she has been offered a position as one of those monitors.

She plans to take it.  It entails three days of preparatory classes in Phoenix to get certified and a good bit of driving around the state.  I will likely accompany her most of the time.  I'm very good at finding locations and programming the GPS.  She, not as much.

So, Mitt, want to comment again about how dependent and irresponsible we of the 47% are?

Incidentally, we have already voted in this election, and not one single vote went to you or any of your theocratic fascist friends.  Go run for Mormon president.  They'd love to have your closed, deluded mind running their so-called "Christian" cult!  It's only a little more stupid than regular Christianity.

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