Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I am sitting here in stunned bafflement that any even moderately intelligent human being could say what GOP candidate Richard Mourdoch said.  The article didn't state but I am sure he has to be a "teapublican."

Mr. Mourdoch stated that he opposed abortion for pregnancies arising out of rape because..."it is something that God intended to happen." 

OK.  Let's think about the implications of that ludicrous statement.

Let's not condemn Hitler and the Nazis for the holocaust.  Obviously, since "god" didn't stop it, he intended it.  Let's not jail or execute murderers, child molesters, terrorists, etc.  Let's whitewash all the horrors of history.  Lets just chalk all of it up to "god's will" and skip merrily along.  That's really what all of them, from the Pope to the thoughtless laity in most churches confidently endorse.  "It's God's will" becomes the mindless mantra that excuses every horror imaginable.

Mr. Mourdoch has actually clarified one of the main reasons I don't believe in or worship any "god."  I have contempt for their definition of their god because he clearly, if he existed, is an accesory to the horrors that exist in the world.  Neither he nor any of his vaunted "angels" rouse their lazy asses (that don't exist) to do a damned thing to protect millions of totally innocent and helpless people, no matter how desperately they cry out for deliverance.

I used to be deluded and think I got all kinds of help from divine sources.  It was all happenstance.  I've had just as much -- actually more -- seemingly benevolent outcomes after coming to my senses and chucking those superstitions overboard simply because I've lived more years in unbelief than I did in belief.  Life is a crapshoot and the dice sometimes come up in your favor irrespective of what or who you believe in.

Can the American people actually be dumb enough to put people like that in office?  I hope not, but recent history can only cause me to question.

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