Sunday, October 21, 2012


What's been happening on the political scene the past four years has made me so mad and disgusted I could spit tacks, nails, barbed wire (you name the analogy).  This article sums it up pretty well:

We elected a president four years ago and he came into office with high hopes and solid plans to turn the nation around.  Millions, including me, had high hopes.

The opposiiton blatantly set out to sabotage everything that president Obama set out to do -- even denouncing  and standing in the way of things they originally were in favor of and championed.  All to discredit and drive out of office that very president.  And, they were cocky enough to do it while owning the fact of what they were doing.

Now, a great many of my fellow Americans are too dumb to see the subterfuge and the hypocrisy.  They're falling for the lies!  We're in danger of having these lying would-be despots actually pulling it off. 

If they do, America is doomed, as far as I can see.  Like ancient Rome, we'll be headed into fascism driven by theocracy.  Our democratic republic will probably be over -- forever.  What follows will only be a deceitful sham.

Romney would load the federal government with hand picked purveyors of his insane Mormon philosophy.  He'd also let Ryan run rampant with his Catholic doctrine as long as it agreed with his mormonism (much of it does).  I remember the fiasco Ed Mecham brought to the state of Arizona.  Romney would do even worse to the United States of America.  Our standing in the civilized, rational world would go to zilch overnight.

Forget any real freedom of conscience and personal belief if this cabal seizes power!  The same lies and subterfuge seen in this campaign would soon become the modus operandi of our national government.  They'd load the Supreme Court with fanatics like themselves.

Denounce me as an alarmist or whatever you wish.  I stand with Cato, the great Roman patriot and inspiration to Washington and his army, who was so distraught over Caesar's rise to power that he commited suicide by disemboweling himself.  We all know, or should, what happened to Rome.  But, then, not many people like history, and they very well may be doomed to repeat it, as numerous historians have pointed out. 

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