Friday, November 8, 2013


I have to apologize to my readers for my blogging ineptness. For some reason I still don't understand, comments seem to have been blocked on my entries. I found lots of those comments and thought I was okaying them, but they disappeared instead.

Sorry, folks. It's my ineptness not my attitude toward comments. I think I now have comments turned on, but I'm not sure. I really do care about what you think, unless you're an apologist for Armstrongism and religion. In which case, you're wasting your time arguing with me and I won't waste mine by participating.


  1. OK. Maybe I got those hanging comments posted, maybe not, but I tried. I'll see if this comment of my own gets through now.

  2. Seems like everything is in order. Comment away, everybody.

  3. Thanks for correcting it, Al

    I just checked under your post "Ornery Old Norman" to see if my comment was restored - and it wasn't.

    Only because you posted that piece also to Facebook and mentioned to many more readers that I had suffered a "NON-malignant" tumor, I was hoping to change that impression. Some few knew of my cancer and now they will be confused, even as others are first hearing of it and getting it wrong.

    For those who care, my cancer is at least a non-factor in my world at present, but I am undergoing some radiation therapy and many more tests to come.

    Thanks for caring enough to mention it, Al.