Friday, November 8, 2013


The weekend is upon us again. We spent the morning taking in a few sales but found very little. After brunch I've been on the computer checking the sites I check every day.

There was a dog atlas in a free box so I picked it up and it looks like some interesting reading. I'm fascinated by dogs -- all animals for that matter, but dogs are special because they are so much like humans. You can't help but feel close to them in their friendly neediness and their child-like trust. They're all napping with Phyllis right now. All she has to say is, "Want to take a nap with mama?" and they head for the bedroom. When we're going out, I say, "Little boys want to go bye bye?" and they start yelping and herding me out the door.

I doubt I'll accomplish much today. Just have no fire for it, and that's OK. At this stage in life, I really don't feel compelled to do much of anything. Tomorrow will be fine if I don't get to it today. If I never get to it, who cares? It isn't going to warp the fabric of the universe. I see those abandoned old tumble down shacks out on the desert and reflect that someone labored long and hard to make some dream come true there and soon even those scant remains of their labors will disappear. A lot of human history, dreams and struggles lie hidden in thousands of abandoned "tells" throughout the world and archaeologists labor to reveal a scant fraction of it through their excavations. Real lives were involved there and a whole lot of meaningful living.

I have the eternal present and that's what I try to concentrate on. I think I'll just sign off and mosey outside for whatever strikes my fancy.

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