Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It gets a little overwhelming sometimes.

I can't dwell on what happened in the Philipines or I'd not sleep well. There's never been a storm like that recorded, and I for one, am not going to give countenance to the nonsense that human-caused global warming isn't at fault.

Yes, we have to move about, but we don't have to do it in fossil fuel powered vehicles. We could have been moving on hydrogen and only exhausting water from our tailpipes decades ago. It was deliberately suppressed and the lie that it was too dangerous was just that -- a damn lie! Nothing would be too dangerous if it enriched the powers that are in control!

Here in Arizona, there's a big battle going on before the Corporation Commission trying to sabotage the development of solar energy by saying that people who get paid for the energy they contribute to the grid and thus often pay no electricity bill aren't doing their fair share to maintain the power grid. Any excuse to slow down and/or sabotage progress just out of jealousy and greed. Some millionaires and billionaires are behind it I'm sure.

Just like in ancient Rome, we have a government owned and dictated to by big money. We don't have official slavery, but our minimum wage baloney and steadily eroded social justice system makes de facto slavery an everyday reality. If you can't earn a living wage, you are a slave, pure and simple!

I'm very discouraged. I also know we are very vulnerable to comparable disasters right here. When is the San Andreas going to let go? When is a giant fault slippage going to wipe out much of the northern pacific coast and send massive tidal waves all the way to Asia? When is that madrid fault going to go in the midwest? Such things are inevitable and are now being augmented by our own stupid ravages against the entire eco system. A deeper sea means bigger waves that reach even farther inland!

Frankly, I'm mighty scared when I contemplate what is likely to happen any day! Our luck can't hold forever.

If you think otherwise, just ask a Philipino.

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