Sunday, November 10, 2013


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I was going about the weekly floor cleanup, and as usual, my mind was also busy. I get alot of thinking done when I'm busy at something. I came with with thoughts I'll outline here and call "The Divine Mafia" when I post them to my blog.

Most people condemn and abhor organizations like the mafia, but they absolutely worship the same system when it comes to their personal beliefs.

Cosa Nostra (our thing) has fascinated me all my life. I think many people share that fascination, hence the success of movies like The Godfather.

Have you ever noticed how religions tend to mirror the organizational setup of the mafia? That's no accident. The parent basis of them all, the Catholic Church, was set up on the imperial roman political system which was fascist and authoritarian just like the mafia. It was one man rule from the top down that brooked no naysayers. Some of those rulers were benevolent and others were downright evil and sociopathic. All demanded unquestioning obedience to arbitrary rules that became traditional.

I know some churches are somewhat democratic in their setup, but you still will not be very welcome in their midst unless you subscribe to a basic set of beliefs and dogma. I guess that is unavoidable in any group. Nobody is going to fit into our freethought group if they come to a meeting and start praising Jesus or suggest an opening prayer.

Anyway, think about it. While you're at it, think about why that approach doesn't fit in a secular republic when people try to apply it to politics.

There's no room in a democratic republic for godfathers.

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