Thursday, November 7, 2013


(From Facebook.)

Well, I did it. I got the whole framework for those doggie stairs I'm making for my stepdaughter constructed out of junk wood I had on hand. Tomorrow, I'll carpet them and put on a handle. Next, I have to locate casters or slides to make it easier to move around. Plenty of time. They'll pick them up when they visit at Christmas (solstice) time. My eyes will be searching all those sales we're attending this weekend.

Got good news from my friend, Mark (Salyer) Manning. Tests indicate no cancer cells present in his lymphatic system from that non-malignant tumor removed from his right shoulder a few months back. Some light radiation treatment and rehab of his shoulder is all that remains. He's itching to get back to golfing.

Near as I know, everything is still A Ok with me. I've switched to the same doctor Phyllis has and will see him later this month. I didn't like my former provider sticking me with a PA after my former doctor retired and she having to send me to a specialist for things he did as a matter of course on my regular visits, like freezing off pre-cancerous lesions.

Come on, I can freeze them off myself with wart remover. I don't need to fork over $45 bucks to have a specialist do it! If I still lived in North Dakota, I could get the same thing absolutely free by standing out in a subzero wind and exposing the area for a few minutes! Think I'm kidding? Think again! Ornery should be my middle name!

Bedtime for this old ornery Norman.

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  1. Al,
    Thanks for letting people know that my lymph glands are clear. However, that ugly tumor that was removed in June was quite malignant, and today I am living with an internal cancer with a name that sounds like a skin disorder: Desmoplastic Melanoma. It still has roots deep inside, which is what made my oncologist at Loma Linda Univ to perform the painful biopsy on my lymph nodes. So we can say that "for now" I am cancer-free. Which I appreciate!