Friday, November 22, 2013


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I couldn't say it any better, so I won't try. I spent 22 years of my life stuck, by my own stupidity, in an organization with this basic approach. Now, it's the system and lifestyle of my whole nation, and based on the same damn thing -- religion. It's nothing but serfdom and slavery! The rich and the priests, often the same people, like it that way. Everybody else can just go to hell as far as they are concerned.

This is America's sad truth these days. We can start to rebuild the "dream" by saying it's time to Raise The Minimum Wage. This quote is an excerpt from an EXCELLENT comment that was posted on our last meme about Walmart. Here is the full comment:

"To those of you who read this I ask that you share this if possible: I’ve mostly wanted to get this off of my chest in regards to how the minimum wage is a serious issue here in America. To those of you who bitch, whine, and complain that people should go to college, learn a trade/skill, or even get your certification/license, how are people able to do that if they are unable to even take care of themselves with what they are paid? Yeah, having all of that helps, but it doesn’t guarantee that a person will be able to get a better job at all. It could be years that a person is able to get a better job than what they currently have, and that’s IF they get a better job. Having that education, skill, knowledge, certification, etc., isn’t a promissory note that a person will get such a thing when they are done. Even with college grads in today’s world, not everybody is able to go into the field that they studied for and end up working for a low end job. Going to college is ultimately nothing more than a gamble.

You say that raising the minimum wage will increase prices to various products and services, then let me ask you this since you are ignorant to how things currently are: Why is it that things are going up in price, such as rent, gas, utilities, groceries, etc. and the paycheck is remaining low? Untouched for years at a time, while everything else that people need to survive goes up anywhere from a couple days to within a year? Sure, there are programs, and assistance, but that doesn’t last forever since people need a roof over their head, food, medication, and so forth for years to come.

Those of you who complain that the minimum wage should remain the way it is, I give you a challenge. Give up your current job for a job at McDonald’s, Burger King, Wal-mart, somewhere that gives you minimum wage starting out and I would like to see you do this and tell me how easy it is to do things such as pay your bills, take care of your family, and afford to go to college WITHOUT your parents, any other outside help, or even using your current degree, experience and certifications. To those that complain, yeah, you may have worked to get where you are, with connections, parents, etc., but try doing that all on your own from square one, because not everybody in the world is fortunate enough to have someone there to hold their hand, let alone help them.

And we’re supposed to be living the American dream? What dream? Yeah, we have more freedom to do what we want, when we want, how we want, for better or worse, form our own beliefs, and create our own life, right or wrong. But, what country should force its people to struggle, suffer, starve and live in poverty, then turn around and call that a dream?

To those of you that have a problem about what I am saying, issues about the minimum wage, how there are programs that don’t always treat people equally, or anything regarding issues about the minimum wage on this page, there is a back button on the top left corner of your browser, an un-friend option that you can choose, and move on with your life. While you have nothing better to do with your worthless lives than to look down on those who are working like crazy just to survive, and make your hypocritical comments, there are people out there who are doing everything they can to survive for themselves, and possibly their family, while they may never see nowhere near what you may have: a nice car, a nice home, and easier access to a stable lifestyle."

-Zhane Washington

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