Sunday, November 24, 2013


(From Facebook.)

The storm seems to be over for us. I pity those people on the east coast if it doesn't go off into the Atlantic when it gets there. By one of my gauges, we got just over two and a half inches. By the other, 2.15. All I'm sure of is that it was over two inches. I finished up pretty well with the porch and pantry area today and scrubbed all the muddy foot and paw prints off the vinyl floors.

I'm encouraged that we have what looks like a promising deal with Iran. If the rethugs had been in total power, more of our young men would be giving their lives in a fruitless and ill-conceived new war in both places. Netanyahoo can go do somthing unspeakable to himself.

I'm sick of seeing our treasure and our young men squandered to back up an ancient claim to a piece of land by an invented race. Reminds me again that I'd like to burn that stupid piece of fiction if I didn't need to refer to it once in awhile. I sure don't waste anymore of my precious life sitting around reading it. Never was too keen on novels anyway. I can manufacture my own daydreams.

I guess I'll go see what's on TV.

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