Thursday, August 15, 2013


(From Facebook.)

Another great day in a life that is very enjoyable but flying by much too fast. We were up early for that sale and I found my new rain barrel for just one dollar! Only spent $2 total. The leisurely trip on a cloudy, cool morning was delightful. Even a few sprinkles of rain!

I've become an habitual recycler. I tear apart anything that's recyclable and save the components. I even pick up things I find thrown away. After we got back, I gathered up what had been accumulating for months and went down to the recycling company. Got $26.75 for everything that included things like old aluminum discards, aluminum cans, tin cans and other steel and a whole box full of discarded electrical cords, circuit boards, etc.

Not much money, but the stuff can be reused and isn't taking up space in the landfill. Why not use some of my spare time to take apart old appliances, etc. and recycle the usable parts? I can't think of a better use of free time that would otherwise be just frittered away. Plus, I find it interesting just seeing how things are put together and out of what.

I know. I have my unique drives and quirks. That's what makes the variety in the human race so interesting. One of the joys of getting to know people is finding out what is unique about them and I haven't found a clone of me yet but I've met a lot of interesting characters.

Time for a weed tour outside.

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