Thursday, August 22, 2013


(From Facebook.)

Finally! I think we might get some meaningful rain in the next few days. We had a nice little downpour awhile ago and lightning even knocked out the power for about a minute. The high pressure system is parked just right to bring copious amounts of moisture in from a tropical depression off Baja California over the weekend. By Sunday, we could get up to two inches of rain, according to the forecast.

I hope so.

I'm tired of wimpy monsoons!

I know my friend Dennis Deahl would like to give us some of that sogginess they've had all summer, but, sadly, it doesn't work that way.

So, I'm in a pretty good mood in spite of the pointedness of some of my shares. You really didn't expect anything else, did you? My friends in the old LAD didn't call me "Patton" for no reason. I have that "grab 'em by the nose and kick 'em in the ass" attitude.

Guess it's the McCoy coming out.

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