Friday, August 2, 2013


(Originally published on Facebook.)

I guess I'll have to stop reposting so much stuff. It's hard though. So many people come up with the perfect way to put things and it'd be a shame not to share it, but I do resist the urge once in awhile.

Even then, I feel so weak and powerless against the avalanche of deceitful propaganda to which the world is subjected. Yes, I know not all of them are being deliberately deceitful. They really believe the crap they're spouting. More and more of us are determined to keep up the pressure and fill the web with the facts. No one of us can accomplish great things on our own, but together, we're becoming a thunderous voice that grows daily.

Two years ago, our free thought group didn't exist here in Sedona and the Verde Valley. We already number in the dozens and are growing at a steady rate. We're finding ways to get our message out. I find that fact encouraging. All good movements start out small and grow. It's happening all over the country.

That's the cheering thought I'll take to bed.

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