Sunday, August 25, 2013


(From Facebook.)

What I just shared below (google Atefah Sahaaleh for the details) is one of the main things that make me despair for the future of the human race.

We spent decades cowering before the irrational fear of communism that was mainly perpetuated by the military-industrial complex for their profit. A basically fascist system has to maintain an enemy to keep everybody fearfully in line.

I've read Orwell's 1984. Have you?

They now have the enemy of islam and the muslim dictatorships to keep everybody supporting their military behemoth. All the while, they are letting this virulent enemy invade western countries and become a fucking infestation (I mean that in the literal sense). They're cranking out brainwashed babies like there's no tomorrow! It's an insidious fifth column!

We'll never triumph over those hordes miltarily! We're spending our wealth and stength in vain!

The filthy rich aristocracy is just as blind as the aristocracy of Rome was!

Instead of getting smart and developing the renewable energy that should by now have made us totally independent of foreign oil, we continue to send our wealth to our sworn enemies so a few billionaires can continue to live in hedonistic luxury as our nation's infrastructure deteriorates and our youth can't even get a decent college edducation so our developmental research can continue. And, we can't even fund that research because of stupid things like "sequester!"

Meanwhile, the planet struggles to maintain itself against the ever-growing onslaught of greenhouse gases and is clearly losing the battle.
Everything in the animal kingdom, including you and me, needs oxygen -- not carbon dioxide or methane -- to function!

The way things are going, those who manage to continue to breath will be starving because of crop failures and rampant animal deaths and the unlucky few who manage to survive will be ruled by insane islamists who managed to become an overwhelming majority in the Western World so they can impose the madness of sharia everywhere.

The way I see it, another dark age is almost inevitable and that will doom the human race to extinction because we won't be able to develop the knowledge and technology needed to prevent it. No stupid islamist is going to do anything to prevent it as he flops his ignorant, hate-filled face on the floor five times every day to his imaginary, non-existent sky fairy!

I said it in a Facebook comment recently, and I'll say it here again.


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