Wednesday, August 28, 2013


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I was just thinking about the piece on the JWs I just shared. As I stated, HWA plagiarized a lot of their crap and pretended it was his own, like the holidays being pagan (they are in origin but so what?), birthdays being evil, Alexander Hislop being a great historian (he aint), etc.

One thing I'm forever grateful for is being brought up in the upper Midwest by parents who instilled in me honor and honesty. By the slim chance they might be conscious in another dimension and able to be aware, Thank you, Dad and Mom.

That basic upbringing made it harder and harder for me to remain dedicated to the cult those last few years and right about the time they forced me out, I would have had to get out for my own peace of mind.

I could have done like a lot of others and like old Herb himself and set off to "restore" or improve on the nonsense I'd been following so I could somehow attract a following and live a life of luxury and ease while pretending to be god's special gift to mankind with some special saving message. Lot's of others were doing it and I could have mined their publications, etc. just like Herb did and dishonestly claim it as my own after a little editing and reshuffling.

I didn't do that. I couldn't do that. So, here I sit, in my late seventies, barely getting by financially but with a clear conscience and I slept peacefully last night.

By contrast, there's a splinter leader who claims to somehow be fulfilling the book of Haggai who's predicted all the splinters will devolve to him in three days and he will go forward as the great apostle of apostles (capo di tuti capi would fit better), or something like that. I don't know how he's going to extricate his pompous ass from that debacle, but I'm sure he'll think of something.

I wonder how he's sleeping?

Here's the piece I referred to above:

"Jehovah's Witness's have been getting a bit of a kick in the teeth recently. The Candice Conti case, Bo Joel Jensen and a few others chipping away at them for their covered crimes of sexual abuse, now the damage is beginning to show. The watchtower bible and Tract society has just sold off its headquarters in New York along with a few others. lets hope this is the beginning of the end, and may others follow."

So it begins! Will it mirror Worldwide? Maybe so. Waiting for The Reformed Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. Same old same old. It just gets crazier!

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