Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Why do we have to have the encumbrances of creeds, dogma, and all the other aspects of political and religious organization? It only leads to pride, hateful persecution, horrific acts of violence and bone-headed denial of reality.

I have a friend who posts on here some of the milder precepts of islam. Yes, those exist, but they are no more the driving impetus of islam than the sermon on the mount and I Corinthians 13, etc. that my step daughter likes to post are the guiding principles of fundamentalist christianity.

The world has been full of searching people from the time the first hominid stood upright and wondered at the terrifying world that surrounded him or her. Some of them managed to get their musings and pronouncements, in all their complexity, plagiarism and inconsistencies, recorded and passed down. A lot of it was made up out of whole cloth later on. Much perished and has been forgotten along the way.

But, what survived managed to become the basis of fanaticism and dogma people are willing to persecute, kill and die for.

Good philosophy does no harm. Dogma is a killer. It's killing hundreds, maybe thousands, right now in Egypt! Ignorant, fanatic muslims akin to bible belt christians were numerous enough in the hinterland of Egypt to propel the muslim brotherhood into power in Egypt. Educated and reasonable egyptians such as filled the military saw their country being turned backward into a hell hole of muslim fundamentalism and took steps to put an end to it. Result? Civil war!

There was no real democracy in Egypt. There is no real democracy in modern America. Both are cursed with the insidious monster of religious fundamentalism seeking to control the individual lives of the citizenry through whatever underhanded subterfuge that is available.

All religions are a curse! All political parties devolve to eventually become a curse!

What is the answer? I wish I knew.

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