Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I came across an old file today. It went back to September of 1999 and I found some interesting things in it.

Chief of those was something I wrote on the 16th of that month when I was pursuing a self-knowledge and self-improvement course by Anthony Robbins. It was entitled, "My Quest."

At that time, I hadn't yet divested myself of things Randi describes as "woo woo." There've been a lot of changes over those almost fourteen years! I'll Quote that writeup here:

"I am writing to my spirit guide, my guardian angels and anyone in the next dimension vitally interested in me, my progress and my fate.

I have stuggled long and learned much but realize I still have much to learn. I intend to continue the quest and ask for all guidance and help available to me. I wish to understand more fully what God really is. He, she or it is not what most people assume and believe for those concepts are ludicrous in some of their assumptions. I cannot believe in the patriarchal Middle Eastern type of God foisted on the Western world by Judaism, Islam and Christianity. As creation had to have a beginning, God had to have some beginning. An always existing God makes no more sense than the big bang out of nothing.

I am seeking answers wherever they may be available and ask for guidance and the ability to recognize and stay away from the "looney tunes" Phyllis mentioned.

I ask for help in getting even farther away from the endless round of trying to keep up financially. It is a negative in my life, keeping me from calm and relaxation, so I can think better. Things are better than they once were, and I appreciate that. Guide me and help me get to the independent state I desire and then help me use it wisely.

I desire to maintain and improve my physical health and well-being. I ask for guidance and strengthening in that area.

I wish to increase my mental capacity and ability to the ultimate possible. I wish to increase in real love and a positive attitude.

I wish to grow in real humility while building ever more self-confidence.

I intend to grow!"

That was me almost a decade and a half ago. I don't think any of the woo woo factors had anything to do with me advancing to where I am today. It's just the natural outcome of honest thought and analysis. I only brought it up to illustrate where honest and determined effort can lead.

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