Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Conservative right wingers virtually spit out terms like "progressive" and "liberal." All while they can't wait to get their hands on the latest "progressive" advance in electronics, communication, automobile engineering, etc.

I find the disonance in their approach absolutely mind boggling. It's totally irrational, but religious and cultural bone headedness is the basis and that is totally irrational, based on myths, superstition and a desire to forever stay stuck in the illusions of the past -- like that "old time religion."

So, we find ourselves on a greased slide into the horrors of the past with destitute multitudes huddled in slums and wasting their lives away in sweatshops and ending those short miserable existences in filthy poor houses while the privileged few bask in luxury and hedonism. I'm glad FDR, Kennedy, etc. are long dead so they don't have to see this reprehensible farce coming about.

To those who feverishly go about engineering it every day -- FUCK YOU! I wish there were some divine entity that could give you your just deserts, but there isn't!

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