Sunday, August 4, 2013


I so enjoy videos by George Carlin and wondered if he was still around.

Nope. He died in 2008. Another great voice stilled but his videos live on.

That's one of the great bonuses of modern Technology. We've had lots of books for centuries now and that has been important, but they don't hold a candle to the impact of what is readily available online. It takes time to pull down a book and read it, even more time to find it and often lots of money to buy it. Then, I have to make the time to sit down and read it. I'm still plugging along on Herb Silverman's autobiography.

That fact can be viewed as either good or bad, depending on how one thinks about it. I personally consider it very good. I still encounter bookcases full of books at estate sales and have to wonder how many of those books were really read by the person who owned them.

Give me websites and blogs. I whiz around them constantly and don't have to spend hours to find the gems I'm looking for. If I want something, Google will usually have it in front of my eyes in a few seconds just by typing in the proper keywords.

I typed in George Carlin a few minutes ago and "Bingo." Up came the info I wanted. Two minutes tops!

It must be a breeze to do term papers these days. One can zero in on specific facets of a subject so easily and then put it all in their own words, again on a computer. No need for a clunky old typewriter, lots of paper, ribbons, carbon paper, correction tape or fluid, retyping several times, etc. No lead type, galleys and page proofs. What a simple operation writing has become!

What would an ancient scribe pressing wedges into soft clay tablets or dabbing ink on parchment think if they could see this? It would have boggled my mind back there in the fifties when it took us a week to put out the little college paper and The Plain Truth I helped edit.

Desk top publishing. It's great!

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