Sunday, August 18, 2013


Nature does not consider life sacred!

Does that statement shock you? It shouldn't, if you've been observant.

I guess I have a curious mind -- interpret that however you wish! I tend to think about stuff like this when I wake in the middle of the night for a bathroom trip or to let our spoiled little pomchi out as she sits by the doggy door and barks for doorman, or woman, assistance. It's stupid, but somehow endearing. What won't we put up with out of that feeling of love for a fellow creature?

I'm a normal human male. During my lifetime, I've produced and expelled trillions of sperm, hopeful little wee beasties destined to produce copies of me in combination with their female couterpart. Only four of those made it to birth and successful adulthood. The women in my life produced, during their lifetime, thousands of eggs. Most of those were summarily expelled from their wombs about once every month, some after being fertilized but not successfully implanted!

After the monsoon rains, seeds sprouted with abandon around here. Our driveway sported dozens of new desert bushes from the plethora of seeds that blew in months ago. If they all survived, that driveway would eventually become impassable from desert brush. Sprouts from our mimosa tree likewise erupted all over our back yard. I contemplated hours of hoeing and tedious removal.

No need to worry. Most of them shriveled and died when a break in the monsoon brought life-killing dought back. They've shriveled and disappeared wholesale! Only a few remain here and there in some especially sheltered location.

The cute little lizards around here have suddenly been joined by a host of miniature copies of themselves that are busily eating ants and whatever other hapless insect happens by and growing at a phenomenal rate. They have to. There are a multitude of hawks and other predators around anxious to dispatch them into their hungry insides. A few of the lucky ones will soon be sporting shortened tails that are evidence of some predators disappointment.

So, don't give me that nonsense about how sacred every sperm and egg is, every seed is, etc. Nature doesn't bear that out, sentimental platitudes to the contrary notwithanding.

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