Thursday, August 22, 2013


Poor little dog!

The storm this evening brought some very loud thunder and Daisy, our little pomchi, got all upset and started the heavy breathing that accompanies her anxiety. It took awhile to get her to eat some braunsweiger into which we had mixed an anti-anxiety pill we got at the pet store.

She's calmed down, but this episode illustrates again how much we and animals like her are alike. She gets as close to us as she possibly can when she's frightened. It's like humans crying out to their sky fairy god as they hide their head under the pillow or covers and pray.

We are her gods. We're the only higher powers her doggy mind can comprehend.

I'm so happy to have progressed beyond a two-legged human pomchi. Science, and being willing to acknowledge that science made it possible. The religious don't know what they are missing as they grovel in their fear.

No one should have to cower like that in the twenty-first century!

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