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I referred to this yesterday, but it's been on my mind constantly. I wanted to take you to it now, but then, I can't write anymore, so I'll wait to do the link at the end.

What I experienced as a cultic slave of the WCG was a hell of oppression and soul destroying tyranny by one man and his army of goose-stepping and equally evil and hypocritical sycophants. It took me a long time to fully recognize the true nature of what I was a part of. Getting out when I did allowed me to salvage the latter half of my life.

Herbert Armstrong was an evil despot. He set up a religious empire that totally took over the lives of those who succumbed to his deceptive message. He was an elitist, a totally ruthless religious mafia don. There are many following in the same mold today. They found mega churches!

Armstrong looked down on the average person and viewed them only as sheep for the shearing and chickens for the plucking. He bound heavy burdens on everyone, but as a scripture he and his ilk scoff at, he wouldn't lift a finger to ease the burden. Everything devolved upon him and only incidentally on those who kept his empire going. He would turn on them in a moment if he thought it was to his advantage to do so with absolutely no qualms, and often did. It has been truthfully stated that the path of his life was strewn with the wreckage of men who had served him well.

He hated labor unions. He lusted to be in the company of the wealthy and powerful and spent millions of his dupe's hard earned tithes and offerings to court them.

I endured over twenty years of this religious madness and got free of it. Now, I realize that I'm still in that system of slavery and deception.
Only, now it's not a religious organization that is oppressing me and my fellow humans. (That religious system still exists in hundreds of just as oppressive offshoots and splinters.)

Now, it's a political system with the same hateful and oppressive attitude and the same kind of reprehensible narcissists in control. Reagan, the elitist, started it with his "voodoo economics" and it has snowballed ever since into the madness of republican so-called conservatism and that hateful, ignorant tea party.

The average american is being enslaved and impoverished step by step while the rich and powerful disdainfully relegate them to serf status. I lived it before. That's why I see it so clearly now.

I could say much more, but this account will serve quite nicely:

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