Sunday, September 29, 2013


We watched 60 Minutes a while ago and I found Kerry's statements encouraging about the situation in Syria and Iran. I have hopes that some international sanity is in the offing. Bomb this, rocket that sure as hell isn't working!

Then, there was the section on mental illness and its connection with all the mass shootings and mayhem. We basically have no sane way of dealing with the problem. We've substituted prisons for mental care facilities, which means no one gets put away for real treatment, just warehousing in a very negative situation after some crime has already been committed.

I'm convinced that my son, Michael, is one of those needing help. Neither we nor anyone else in the family have heard from him in seven years and I'm sure that is due to an underlying condition that needs attention and treatment. I can only hope that he is not so deranged that he will do something horrendous.

Then, there's that Bible which assures us that all of that fictional creation was oh so "good." Only to tell us that the creator who created such perfection was so pissed off at that perfect creation that he drowned 99.999999 (out to infinity) of it. Of course, it's all bullshit. There was no worldwide flood! I'm just making a point.

If we were created so perfect and that creator can't abide confusion, what's with all this mental aberration crap? Whence comes schitzophrenia? And, don't blame me for the posible problems in my offsping because I unknowingly married into a family where mental problems were common through my former mother-in-law. They weren't apparent or diagnosed anywhere at the time, or at the time my former father-in-law married her.

If that creator is so damn omniscient and concerned with us all, why do these things exist? That fact and the glaring proof of divine unconcern like the holocaust proves to me that there is no omnipotent, omni-loving or omni anything else power behind anything.

We're all in a great big crapshoot down here. One of the biggest crapshoots of all being the gene lottery. I lucked out on that lottery, but I wonder how much my children did, all because of my innocent, howbeit limited by theological limitations, choice of a mate. No wonder all those selfish, lying right-wing fuckwits are so religious. They think and act just like the imaginary god they erroneously believe in.

I suspect a good portion of them could use a little mental health help!

They're certainly acting like it!

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