Sunday, September 1, 2013


60 Minutes was especially inspiring tonight and raised my spirits considerably.

The first revelation was about Khan Academy, a free online educational undertaking that Bill Gates (one of the greatest humanitarians extant) is helping bankroll. It's main focus right now is helping with mathematical education, but they will be branching out -- and it is and will be worldwide!

Finally, an educational undertaking neither national or state governments nor local school boards with their damnable fundamentalist idiot controlers can dictate to. I so hope that creationist bullshit gets trounced into the sewer in which it belongs (a one-finger salute to my former friends, Ed Lain and Robert Gentet, and all the creationist crap they've championed and published)! Take that, Texan and other bible belt idiots! Up yours, governor Perry, along with all your stupid, ignorant lackeys.

Through the internet, true education can come to any child -- or adult -- free! Praise technology! Praise science! Praise human ingenuity and caring!

It also covered the orginator of tweeting and his revolutionary introduction of business by credit and debit cards over cell phones. That's another marvelous step forward and I've used it at yard sales. I don't yet tweet, but I may get into it later.

I haven't checked to see if this great broadcast is available online, but I do know you can log onto the Khan Academy. Millions are!

That's wonderful!

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