Wednesday, September 4, 2013


What's called "hump day" is here again.

Life is full of humps. I think the "hump year" of our lives is around age forty. It's all downhill on the other side of the hump from then. Not too noticeable at first, but the energy and passions of youth start to slowly subside and it becomes a runaway train sometime in the sixties. By the time the late seventies arrive, it seems like every day is a new wakeup call.

I've decided I have to force myself out for a walk around the community or somewhere just about every day. Sitting most of the time is taking a toll that I notice now in my walking, especially the leg weakness when I try to climb stairs. I avoid them, if I can. How successful exercise will be remains to be seen. The energy producing hormones are getting less and less. Everything is running down and remedies are few. It's frustrating.

Nothing deterred me when I was in my prime. Now, I have to think every month whether I want to run my ad for carpet work in the local ad paper one more time. Soon, I'll drop it and just have to adjust to that extra money not coming in occasionally.

Why am I writing this? It's just a "heads up" to those who are younger. Make wise use of what you still have while you can. I feel I did to a great extent, living life to the full. Sure, I'd change some things if I had it to do over, but for the most part, no regrets. Don't waste those hours and days aimlessly. Life is dead serious and there is no "do over."

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