Tuesday, September 24, 2013


(From Facebook.)

The concept of sin just came up in a comment I just made on Dennis Deahl's page.

I seldom use the word "sin." I don't like it because it's a religious concoction intended to keep people feeling guilty, worthless and a whole lot of other psyche destroying things.

Have I made mistakes I regret? A whole bunch! So has every other normal member of the genus homo sapiens. It's part of the process of being alive and interacting with the world. If we're not self-righteous, we learn to take the mistakes of others in stride and apologize for our own when we realize we should. Then, we move on.

There is no need, and never has been a need, for some god-man to be sacrificed for anyone's being human. We didn't come from a specially created Adam to begin with, so the whole damn story is bogus from Genesis 1 on.

We recoil in horror at the Aztec's sacrificing helpless victims to their god's, yet thank the canaanite god, Yahweh (or however you want to spell the name) for sacrificing his mythical son for our sins by some formula that makes absolutely no sense when one gets into the details.

Our abrahamic religions all trace back to a mythological character we are told was ready to slit his own son's throat over some kind of illusion of being told to do so by a god who hasn't communicated that way since, except to individuals who often get sent to mental institutions -- BECAUSE THEY'RE CRAZY!

So, don't try to belittle me by calling me a sinner. I'm a fallible, growing human being who makes mistakes and doesn't always control his temper and act in the totally loving manner he wishes he could.

I'm part of the human club.

I assume you are too.

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