Monday, September 16, 2013


Some way to start the day! Huffington Post is my home page and the first thing that greeted my eyes was a new masacre in Washington, D.C.

I remember my father who moved from Bismarck, North Dakota to Phoenix late in his life but still younger than I am now commenting on the violence he kept encountering on the local TV news. Such just didn't happen in the rural "sticks" he was used to. Of course, a whole lot more people live in the entire Washington, D.C. area than in the whole state of North Dakota and a whole lot more negative conditions and attitudes.

Phyllis just commented that she's glad we're in Cottonwood. It's a bit analagous to North Dakota. Yeah, there's shoplifting, drunk driving and an occasional violent domestic dispute, but murder is uncommon and I don't recall a single mass shooting since I've lived here. It's a common retirement destination, and we oldies are predominantly interested in keeping our health up as much as possilbe and the financial wolf away from the door. Never heard of a drive by shooting here.

Guess I'll get busy on something constructive and get this off my mind a bit.

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