Saturday, September 7, 2013


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Time for what has become my daily "parting shot."

I get frustrated and discouraged sometimes when I see all the mindless ignorance that masquerades as truth and wisdom in this world and what an endless battle it is to combat it.

We went to the meeting of our freethought group today and one of the members, a retired lawyer, gave us a thought provoking rundown of the legal and governmental history of this country from colonial days until now. The struggles we're having now are just a continuation of the struggle that's been going on from day one when colonies were founded by one religious faith that persecuted, jailed, banished and even executed anyone who didn't tow the accepted line. Blue laws have pretty much disappeared today, but I remember them well from my days in New York in 1960-61. That's some progress, but it could turn the other way.

Constitutional isssues aren't always all that cut and dried and the rulings depend on what dominant state of mind infects those nine people who sit on the Supreme Court.

It's wearying. It's never ending. Yet, it gives me a purpose in life, and I do need purpose, as I assume my readers do.

So, expect more of the same old same old from me. I'm going to keep on hammering away at that seemingly indestructable rock I've been beating away on. Thomas Paine did. Ben Franklin, John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and many others then and since have done the same.

I'm in good company.

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