Friday, September 20, 2013


Not a good day for me. Oh, it's not that my personal life is all that bad. Physically, I'm in pretty good shape and we had a good sale morning. What's got me down and boiling mad is constantly seeing that revolting face of son-of-a-bitch Boehner on television and hearing his stinking rotten lies.

I so despise that rotten bastard and that fucking bunch of tea party retards. They absolutely refuse to do anything to return my country to the great place it used to be where people could lead decent lives that didn't end in squalor and everything we built wasn't rapidly tumbling down so assholes like Romney can steal millions and hide it overseas while the disgusting pirate claims to be a "businessman."

Oh, and fork tongued Pope Francis showed his true colors today by kissing up to Caholic bullshiters on the subject of abortion. A crock of shit always will be a crock of shit and catholicism has never been anything else but. Just like the Worldwide splinters, protestantism has coninued the tradition of the original crock. Seeds of evil trees are still evil!

I hope I won't have another insomnia night.

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