Monday, September 2, 2013


Labor Day! I think it's the greatest of our holidays.

Those who labor make the world go round. Nothing gets done without labor of some sort, and the laborer is worthy of respect -- including an adequate wage that provides for basic needs and keeps the whole economic apparatus working smoothly.

When a laborer can't earn enough to eventually own or make use of the product or service he or she is producing and provide a decent future for themselves and their families, that laborer is nothing but a serf or slave being used for the benefit of the privileged -- to be cast on the dung heap when their usefulness is over.

Our society is rapidly turning into a carbon copy of czarist Russia and the slave-minded society of the old south. That cannot go on without disaster. People can only be misused and disrespected for so long before there is a society destroying explosion. Religion tries to keep the cap on -- again, often for their own benefit. As Napoleon said, religion keeps the masses from murdering their overlords. That can only go on for a limited time. History proves that fact.

So, on this Labor Day, I rededicate myself to keep shouting the facts through whatever medium is open to me. It's the only thing I can do as long as I am around to do it. It gets discouraging, but we can't give up and surrender to the forces of greed and oppression.

That battle should have ended long ago. Sadly, it has not!

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