Thursday, September 19, 2013


Once in a while we like to treat ourselves to a bucket of original recipe KFC chicken. Phyllis asked me to go get our dinner this evening, and as I was driving back, there was that beautiful harvest moon rising.

It hit me.

This must be the first evening of the Feast of Tabernacles!

Sure enough, the calendar tells me tomorrow is Sukhot and it began this evening at sunset. It's a high holy day for Jews. Used to be for me when I, along with thousands of others, tried to out-jew the Jews and give the day a spurious christian meaning.

Full moons, especially harvest moons are exceptionally beautiful things here in the northern hemisphere. I wonder if there is a comparable thing six months later in the southern hemisphere.

I remember how glorious it was in those east Texas woods back there in the late fifties as I camped out with the Trull family and their friends. All nations noticed that inescapable time of the year, and like the Canaanites, set their harvest festivities for that particular time. It was no special revelation from any god, but I'm sure the priests of all religions managed to make it so.

After our chicken dinner, Phyllis and I went outside and admired the beautiful evening. It's an idylic time of the year. Temperatures and weather are often the best they've been for a while and it's a great time to enjoy the largess of earth's bounty. We enjoyed, but there was no religious significance to it. And, we didn't have to listen to bombast from any pompous idiot shouting, "Why are we here?".

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