Saturday, February 22, 2014


The man I worked for yesterday recomended a new mexican restaurant here in Cottonwood and said it was the best he's ever found. Today, we went to try it out and found it closed with a sign on the door saying it was under lien for unpaid rent.

A year or so ago, it was a good Irish-style restaurant, but they apparently went under and this new enterprise decided to take over a pretty much made to order location.

As I understand, the owner has had a successful place in Jerome for some time and had expanded to another here in Cottonwood.

This just drove home to me again how hard it is to succeed in many businesses, especially if you try to branch out prematurely and inadvisedly and why I always avoided like the plague any business that required huge investments in things like rent, business licences and permits, etc., etc.

As soon as you open any kind of storefront business, scores of money sucking leeches are going to descend on you with their demand-hand out. They care not a damn whether you make it or not, they want their cut, and they want it right now.

I've survived for nearly four decades keeping a low profile and working a service-type business out of my home with minimum phone and advertising expense and studiously keeping my ambitions in balance with reality. It's the only way to go if you don't have significant capital and the ability to bring in the crowds with mass advertising. Even then, I had to be very careful.

I'm saddened that a local undertaking didn't make it and I hope that the original site in Jerome manages to survive what has to be a devastating setback.

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