Monday, February 10, 2014


(From Facebook.)

Those long walks with the dogs and cutting my food consumption seems to be working. Another half pound drop this morning.

More extreme science is showing up with those of questionable credentials claiming we're heading into another ice age. Hell, we could have claimed that in the 1950s when we had some horrific winters in the upper Midwest. Just about bankrupted my dad by the loss of much of his cattle herd. Just give an unusual jet stream path and those who want to be deniers will run wild with bogus proclamations.

I have a prediction of my own. We're going to have an horrifically hot summer with more heat related deaths than ever and unprecidented droughts and floods all over the place. The whole damn planet is convulsing and trying to achieve a state of equilibrium. I'm betting on earth succeeding, regardless of what happens to the human infestation. It's weathered extinction event on top of extinction events and keeps rolling merrily along blissfully unaware of our desires and intentions -- or our ill-founded opinions.

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