Saturday, February 15, 2014


(From Facebook.)

Life is so good right now. We don't pay much attention to Valentine Day, but I've never loved or appreciated my Phyllis more. We got a call from the doctor's office today to tell her there is no sign of that kidney infection. Now, she needs to build her strength back up with a little exercise and get to feeling fit again.

I keep hearing of people in their 80s suddenly departing from this life and that makes me feel a little insecure, since this is my eightieth year. I don't think I'm in imminent danger of dropping dead, but there's no way I expect to survive to 100. That's kind of sobering when I think of how fast the last few years have flown by. Whatever more I can do, I'd better get cracking on doing it. That's one of the reasons I write so steadily. If I don't say what I have to say, it will one day soon be too late.

I didn't deeply mourn my own parents when their lives ended. I don't want those who survive me to deeply mourn me either. It's the cycle of life that's been going on for millions of years, and hopefully, it will go on for millions of years more. One day, I'll no longer be here and their turn will also come, I hope many years from now, but there's no way of knowing for certain.

Right now, I'm heading to bed, and tomorrow I'm off to Sedona where our free thought group is sponsoring a lecture by Seth Andrews host of "The Thinking Atheist."

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