Sunday, February 9, 2014


What is real? What does quantum Physics really tell us about ultimate reality?

I've been doing my best to live in reality and understand it going on 80 years now. I thought I had it all figured out about 60 years ago and found out after twenty some years of that folly that I'd only fallen for the bullshit flooding out of a master conman's big mouth.

Since then, I've been through all kinds of theories and know-it-all protestations about ultimate reality from a multitude of sources. There's no shortage of gurus and self-assured authorities who will assure everyone they have the key to understanding and the ultimate truth about everything. Some of them have gone so far as to unwisely promote things like sweat lodges which ended up killing a bunch of people and putting one well-meaning but very unwise teacher in a prison cell.

I really have no ambition to be one of those know-it-all "authorities." I've learned my lesson by getting embroiled with a few of them. I've read Neil Donald Walsh's books and can't abide his claims at automatic writing from some supernatual source. I've been through "The Secret" DVDs. Some good positive thinking there, but it's not the coveted answer to everything.

Now, there are books and videos out on the holographic universe. I respect quantum physicists and wish I could join them in their studies, but I'm not ready to just accept any "wooo, wooo" they come up with either. I'll keep on studying that series of videos ( I'm now ready for number 4. But, no way am I falling for another pat answer when there is so much clear and pure speculation involved at the moment. I'm glad physicists are studying it, not religionists. At least they aren't going to tell me they have all the answers and if I don't accept their pronouncements, something horrible will happen to me.

Oh, yes, nearly forgot the most important part of all: Give more money!

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