Thursday, February 20, 2014


A lady by the name of Christina left a comment on the Non-believer website this morning, and it was so good that I want to repost it here:

"It's interesting how sad believers feel about our non-belief. Don't feel sad. Nothing has set me more free than arriving at non-belief. The crux of it is that we are all in the same position: limited by our human faculties and understanding and grasping for meaning. As an agnostic, I embrace the grasping and the understanding or lack of understanding as my human faculties, science, and the measurable world leave me. I see this as embracing the realities of my circumstances. I find it more freeing than guessing and making long lists of rules that are guesses based on myths and fictions written in books by numerous people who didn't have access to electron microscopes or satellites or the mapping of the human genome. They did the best they could - as do we all. But basing one's life on their writings, ascribing divinity to those writings, and behaving in the 21st century as if these writings should be taken in any way as literal maps for how we should live -- it's just odd. If we apply the same level of critical thought to our own religion of origin as we do to those of others (72 virgins, sacred cows, Zeus and Mt. Olympus), it's hard for me to understand how you arrive at the conclusion that everyone else's religion is irrational, but ours (Christianity) makes perfect sense. In that way, we're so much alike. We think exactly the same way about every world religion except one."

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