Thursday, February 6, 2014


(From Facebook.)

I just posted the article that relates the fact that there is no archaelogical evidence of camels anywhere in Israel prior to the 9th century BCE, yet the Bible associates camels with Abraham who is supposed (if he was an actual personage) to have existed about 11 centuries prior to that time.

People of faith just aren't bothered by such obvious lies and manufactures. They can slide right off it with any number of deceitful stratagems and assure us that it doesn't mean a damn thing because the bible wasn't meant to be historically accurate. Well, if it isn't historically accurate where it purports to record history, just how can any thinking human being consider it accurate in anything else?

If I'm bargaining with some contractor or workman and find out he's lied about his qualifications in some area, would I be sane to hire the deceiver? Maybe a fool would, but I try not to be a fool!

That's not the only historical manufacture. The whole book of Joshua is a ridiculous account that never could have happened. Why? Because the Canaan of that supposed time was an integral part of the Egyptian Empire that was defended by several powerful Egyptian garrisons. Wonder of wonders, those Egyptian troops just miraculously stepped aside and let a wandering band of desert nomads waltze in and take over. THAT'S HOGWASH!

Never happened! It's another bastard attempt at historical fiction that wouldn't even qualify for B movie status with any true historian!

Any person who wants to base their beliefs on such a book of proven lies is welcome to their delusion. I spent several decades in that deluded state, but no more. Again, if I didn't need to quote that stupid lying book once in awhile to attack it, I'd burn it!

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