Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I have some new predictions to make this morning, based on an article that just showed up online about those fucking republicans and that damnable confederate, still stuck in the Civil War and white and upper class superiority and dominance tea party just did to desperate Americans into whose backs they've just stuck another knife.

I predict we're going to see a rash of suicides from people who are so beaten down they conclude death is better than what they are enduring. Other desperate individuals are going to resort to crime and end up furthering weakening our social and economic fabric by being sent to prison.

I wish I could be absolutely certain that I could predict a massive defeat for these reprehensible bastards at the polls come November, but beaten down people are unpredictable, witness how captive people often end up siding with their captors.

I have to get ready to go do a little job now. I could live without it, but there are a whole lot of people not as lucky as I am, and SOBs like the Koch bros resent my good fortune and would take it away if they could. Believe me. They'll keep on trying.

Here's the article to which I'm referring:

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