Thursday, February 27, 2014


(From Facebook.)

I'm headed out to do a small cleaning job that came in this morning, but before I do, I just have to get something off my chest.

That being the idea that people who sponsored that hateful bill in Arizona were really not hate filled.


It's the same attitude that led people throughout most of the USA to treat black people like the offscouring of the earth when I was a kid. They couldn't go into most restaurants, stay in decent motels and hotels when they traveled, couldn't use the same restrooms or water fountains, etc. -- on top of more and more heinous etceteras.

I was a kid in the late 1940s and my aunt had married a Texan veteran and returned with him to North Dakota. He and my father were walking down a street in Steele, North Dakota one day when a rare black man came along. Dad moved over and let the man pass on the sidewalk. My then uncle asked, "Why did you do that? He'll start thinking he's just as good as you!" He would have made him get off the sidewalk!

To claim that serving someone whose lifestyle you don't approve of is a violation of your religious liberty is just as heinous an attitude. If you don't believe in being homosexual, that's your business. Nobody is going to try to force you to cohabit with them. Refusing to treat them like an equal human being is pure hate, and once it starts, the end can be horrendous.

OK, I said it, and now I'm off.

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