Friday, February 21, 2014


I had a good cleaning job today and enjoyed it very much. My customer was a middle-aged colored man who has a successful dog training business that takes him many places because I assume he's an expert at what he does, just as I am at what I do.

He was surprised to find out I was an atheist, which sparked some conversation and my gifting him with a copy of my book. He wants to write a book on dog training, and if he continues with the project, I may be able to help him with some editing, etc. I'm prepared to make it reasonable enough for him to afford it because I love doing that sort of thing. I hope he looks into my blog and reads some of the pointed articles I've published over the years.

No longer do I hold back on stating my beliefs. That only gives the opposition control of the conversation so they can keep people ignorant and docile. As I pointedly explained to him, he's christian because his ancestors were brutally shanghaied and brought into this culture by force. Even his surname is English, not african. The same is true of my Yavapai Apache adopted step-son whose baptist baptism we attended just to show love and respect. What's a native american have to do with an imported Jewish messiah whose followers almost exterminated his ancestral people?

I'm an activist at heart. I'll always be so.

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