Sunday, February 2, 2014


(From Facebook.)

Another sobering announcement online this morning and also from my sister. An old associate recently died from untreated prostate cancer at age 90. I don't know if he was still hanging with the old denouncement of medical treatment or not. He never got away from the cult, going through two of the splinters in that futile effort to stay loyal to "god's truth."

He was a good man. Most people are deep down. They sincerely try to do right as they see it.

How many million versions of "right" has the human race been afflicted with throughout its history? I'm sure the south sea cannibal was convinced of his rightness as he or she devoured some hapless fellow human. The inquisitor was convinced of his rightness too as he broke some poor unfortunate on the rack, burned them at the stake or slit their throat.

Those self-righteous idiots I see picketing in front of Planned Parenthood are convinced of their rightness too and they would scream in absolute indignation at any woman who wanted to use birth control so she and her husband could enjoy the beautiful bonding and fulfillment of safe sex without conceiving a child they know they can't properly provide for.

Logical thinking is not championed or furthered in most of this world. If it had been, maybe I would have had the reasoning power to throw Herbert Armstrong's lying garbage in the receptacle it belonged in. Leroy Neff didn't have the awareness to do it at any point in his life.

Ok, tea partyists and fundamentalists, you can have at me now. See if I care.

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