Sunday, February 9, 2014


Why do I bother?

I and other thinking people keep hammering away at the idiocies of religion and politics, and It seems like nothing basically changes. I see the same stupid lies and platitudes being flung about by the same gullible people and the entrenched special interests. It's like chipping away at granite with a feather!

People are sitting in millions of churches today emotionally stultifying their minds on the same old myths and fairy tales that have been promulgated for centuries while they throw money that could be used far better on their own and societies welfare in the black hole of the collection plate. Rush Limbaugh is gearing up for another week of inanities and outright lies that unfathomable multitudes are going to buy into without a single question.

It's discouraging, but I have to keep at it, realizing that not too long ago, I was in that camp, only I was there on Saturdays. Same damn mythological reason, a Seven-day creation that never happened! I also fell for republicanism for a while. Proves anybody can be a dumbass.

I grew out of it, thanks to dedicated people who kept putting the facts out there for me to find, so I'm going to square my tired shoulders and carry on. Phyllis just pointed out the cheering fact that Romney lost that last presidential election. We'd be in a world of hurt and crap if he hadn't. At least, it's a little less deep and horrible than it would have been otherwise. We'd be sending more young men into a meatgrinder called Iran or Syria by now.

Now, let's get rid of that worse than do nothing congress that's even worse than the one Harry Truman had to contend with.

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