Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Eighteen years ago tonight, I did one of the smartest things I have done in my entire life by wedding my sweet, intelligent, brattty little soul mate, Phyllis. It was an inexpensive event at a square dance and officiated by a retired minister who was a member of the club.

Phyllis looked great in her pink dress, and I guess I looked OK in my matching pink western shirt made pink through the magic of Rit Dye. Square dancers are famous for flamboyant outfits, but we could not find a pink man's shirt in any shop.

When I say that the past eighteen years of my life have been the best, I'm not exagerating. I love my little "brat" and wouldn't change her a bit. She has a red T-shirt with a picture of Rudolph on it and the caption, "naughty but cute enough to get away with it." That's her! She offered to get one like it for her daughter, but she demured, saying, "Mom, that's you, not me." She's right!

I feel pretty good tonight and consider myself one of the luckiest men I know. I finished a job today many men much younger than I wouldn't have looked at even once. Made me feel very good, and I went down to the Ad King office and arranged for my services ad to resume next week. Gene said years ago that I was going to keep working until I dropped. Maybe he was right. But, what a way to go!

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