Thursday, December 26, 2013


(From Facebook.)

I had the opportunity to sit a while and talk with my son-in-law, Gary Jannusch, this morning. We talked alot about the situation with his wife and Phyllis' Daughter, Lisa.

They're In a terrible situation where Lisa's condition is concerned. She's been handicapped since birth due to a stroke that occurred during a long and painful birth to a teen age mother who had only inept care in a substandard medical facility on an indian reservation.

She compenstated as best she could and worked for many years as a valuable employee of the State Water Department, but as her condition deteriorated, she encountered great oppostition in finally winning the fight for state and finally federal disability compensation. She also brought two children to successful adulthood and both are prosperous, productive memebers of society today.

Gary works for the USPS, so they do have health insurance, but it is far from really adequate for what they are facing. Lisa has a non-malignant skull tumor that has to removed soon and be replaced with a plate. But, it's locomotion that is the real problem. I was astonished to see how hard it was for her to negotiate the two small steps off our patio. She has one nearly useless leg and knee and her "good" knee is now so deteriorated that she needs an operation badly, but the doctors refuse because she can't manage the rehabilitation that would be required afterward.

She's trapped!

If she lived in one of the "socialist" nations many of our ancestors fled when they were still oppressive and largely religious and class controled monacrchies, she'd have had totally free medical intervention years ago along with all the free rehab needed.

The nations our ancestors left have progressed while we have stagnated and actually retrogressed. The Christian right puffs out its hypocritical chest and proclaims its superiority and righteousness while they denigrate and deny every principle that mostly if not totally fictional Galilean carpenter supposedly advocated.

Whatever you may want to think about me regarding my humanist and atheistic stance, at least, I don't think I qualify as a hypocrite. The Romneys, Kochs and their ilk certainly do!

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