Tuesday, December 24, 2013


(From Facebook.)

I'm up and at it and feel pretty good. I've updated my Craig's List ads and cruised though Facebook, sharing those things that particularly struck me as shareable.

I can't live without a cause. I'm just that kind of guy. Just living day to day aimlessly bores and frustrates me to death. It would be worse than death to me. The last couple of years that I have been into blogging and Facebooking are the most fulfilling years of my life. Writing my autobiography helped, but once it was finished, it was back to observing and inwardly grumbling.

I've always cared, but until recently, there was no outlet for my caring. Now, I can say what I'm thinking and feel that it is helping in the overall scheme of things just a little bit. If I can make just one other person care or feel a bit better, that's rewarding. Just a thoughtful comment could help someone over a rough spot and help them not to give up.

I'm still breathing. I'm still observing and thinking. Though diminished in overall strength and energy, I can still do something, and for that, I am grateful.

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