Sunday, December 29, 2013


Why do people want everyone to fit the same mold? There's a drive to make everyone conform to what someone with power and influence considers normal and moral.

It's the driving force behind religion and to a lesser extent, politics. Recognizing this, our forefathers had the good sense to keep those two forces separated.

The control freaks have never given up trying to subvert that wise principle. Their natural enemies are thinking people who insist on being unique inividuals who are willing to say "No."

Home schooling parents are often hell bent on making sure their children are unthinking clones of their own opinionated selves parroting the same ignorance and cliches they have fallen for and mindlessly champion.

The power elite try to gain control of every propaganda device available, which we call "the press," to accomplish the same goal. True intellectual freedom hardly exists in today's society. If you dare to state a contrary opinion, the forces arrayed against you seek to drown it out in an avalanche of propaganda.

It worked in nazi Germany, and it's also working in modern-day america.

That's my thought for the early morning.

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