Thursday, December 26, 2013


It's quiet. The sun is shining. Phyllis is still asleep while my daughter-in-law and I are at computers, and Gary is probably reading. I love the early morning. It's when I do some of my best thinking.

Thinking and being able to communicate what we're thinking is what sets us humans apart. Those six dogs running around here are certainly intelligent and they have the ability to play us like violins, but they can never approach our level of awareness and intellectual ability.

I really don't think we're going to find many comparable creatures in the vastness of outer space. Evolution is slow and haphazard and a great many things have to line up just right to eventually create a highly capable brain coupled with things like binocular vision, hands with opposable thumbs and a host of other things that make up a civilized human being.

Just the right things have to come along at just the right time and survive to produce what we call a human being. It's a crap shoot!

I personally expect to find all kinds of life in outer space. Where on an evolutionary scale we intersect with that life at any given time is another crap shoot. We humans were nowhere on the projected scale even ten million years ago. I know those scales of time and development are hard to wrap one's mind around, but they exist -- everywhere.

The universe is also an evolving factor. We're used to viewing everything from a homo centric point of view. That just doesn't apply to other stars and planetary systems that are on vastly different scales of time and develoment.

Klingons, Romulans and Kardassians, etc. are interesting fictional creations, but they're still rather unlikely as interstellor actualities.

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