Thursday, December 12, 2013


(From Facebook.)

I'm glad Time Magazine chose the Pope as its man of the year. He reminds me of Nelson Mandela in many ways by not being afraid to speak out on things he knows will enrage a lot of people, even some powerful entities in his own organization.

Forget the theology for a moment. Truth is truth, and I rejoice when I hear it or see it in print. So, he is still hung up on much that I now regard as superstitious nonsense. It wasn't that long ago that I was also. My path to humanist atheism was a long and meandering trek though idealogical swamps and deserts. I didn't wake up some morning with some great revelation that magically came to me during the night.

Enough on that subject. I'm also glad I woke up to the fact that I was giving in too easily to the "old wornout man syndrome." That job I did woke me up. Then, I called my son today to see how he was doing. He was in the middle of a carpet job and has the rest of the week booked up. I mentioned to him that I was going to keep on taking on jobs I can handle. He told me that he recently bumped into someone at the supply store who advertises for carpet jobs around Prescott. The guy is not very big and is 83 years old! Like me, he takes his time and does what he can each day.

Makes me feel kinda wimpy for contemplating quitting all together. I'm not fuel for the crematorium yet!

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