Monday, December 23, 2013


I wish all my friends and relatives a joyous holiday time, however they choose to view it. I'm elated that my step-granddaughter, Holly, has her daughter with her. I don't know the details behind the separation, but I'm happy that she's in a happier situation now. I know everyone is struggling against something. That's just the reality of life from the lowliest amoeba right up the chain of life to us.

We're the only creatures with the capacity to change our circumstances meaningfully and not just accept and deal with the best we can whatever we may find in the environment. I just wish more care and concern were directed toward our responsibilities to that environment and less to the profit at any cost motive.

I could get very discouraged at what I see in the world, but I choose instead to view it as just another cycle that will pass, hopefully without our blowing ourselves out of existence.

This rock we live on will go on for millions of years regardless of how we humans sort things out. I just hope we don't so ruin it that our own existence becomes impossible.

We've all found ourselves in another day to use as best we can and hopefully many more days to come. Enjoy it one and all. Make the most of it.

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