Monday, December 2, 2013


(From Facebook.)

It's bedtime, but I have that urge to write. Funny how that urge seems so powerful. I think it's basically the same thing that drives people to text so much. Phyllis doesn't text, but her day wouldn't be complete if she didn't talk to her daughter by phone at least once. I call others less frequently. but this keyboard beckons me at all hours of the day and night.

We've gathered in villages and settlements throughout human history largely because there's a drive in us to be around and communicate with friends and family. It also provides allies and helpers in a dangerous world.

We're not the only creatures with that pack mentality. Our dogs revel in being with us and communicating by being petted, etc. Sit down near Jubilation and he's beside you immediately, gently but insistently reaching out a tiny paw to request attention. It's not easy to resist that.

We're all different in the ways we feed that need to communicate and socialize, but it's there in all normal, healthy individuals. It's easy to get short tempered and judgmental about how others fulfill that urge. It can also lead to danger if we do things like texting and phoning while driving. I try to avoid calling while driving and often let an incoming call go to message so I can pull over where it's safe to do so, retrieve the message and proceed however I choose from there. Many of them are commercial and unwanted calls anyway.

I appreciate all the communication tools available now, and I'm especially appreciative of the internet and social media. The past year that I've gotten more thoroughly involved in it has been perhaps the most fulfilling year of my life so far.

Ok, now off to bed. Love you all. Glad you're part of my virtual community.

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